2 February, 2022

Oh, Yes, Sure, Riiight

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “Karl Marx, the oily Jew who radicalized millions of other Jews and caused a staggering amount of death and suffering in the world, was really a racist and anti-Semite and he was just like Hitler, only he had a beard.”

So, instead of us White people becoming anti-Semites due to Marx’s deadly ethnic ideology (like we should become!), we’re supposed to not become anti-Semites because Marx and Hitler were anti-Semites and we don’t want to become evil people like them! Is that the angle? That seems to be the angle. Well, no sale.

“Jewish” is genetic. Marx could no more cancel his genes than a fish could reject swimming or a dog could refuse to bark. Marx was a self-hating Jew. Some Jews hate themselves and for good reason.

“Like his hellish socialist colleague Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx was a vicious racist and anti-Semite.” “Hellish”? That’s a new one. And “colleague”? Hitler and Marx were co-workers? Wow. Looks like I’ve been reading the wrong books!

Furthermore, socialism is “international human equality” founded by ethnic Jews (Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Lassalle, Moses Hess). Contrast that to National Socialism, which wasn’t. It was “the German people being nurtured out of poverty by a benevolent ‘father’ — in this case, Adolf Hitler. Hitler said that his government existed only to keep the German nation (yes, nation) solvent, intact and healthy. This is very different from international Jewish socialism. One tried to create “universal man” as an anti-White weapon against the West, while the other tried to keep the White citizens of Germany unified and focused (and it worked very well until world Jewry “fixed” that “problem”).

Jews are a global menace and calling the father of Jewish communism an “anti-Semite, just like Hitler” is so obvious. I smell an agenda.

[Article] and [Video].

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