10 February, 2022

Original Philosophy, re: Marxism

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This is original philosophy. I did not read it in a book.

If I asked you to “name a well-known Marxist who was also a good person” (e.g., Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mao, etc.), you couldn’t do it. Nope. Such a person does not exist!

Marxism is a creed of hate. It’s also a bag of lies. To be a Marxist is to be a hate-filled liar. You must lie regularly. You must tell outrageous untruths every week, maybe even every day. You must embrace Lenin and Stalin and Castro. Good people don’t do that. Good people instinctively know that “the state” doesn’t “wither away” to create a utopia. Never. Ever. Who buys that crap? Psychopaths. Lunatics. Creeps. Bad people.

Contrast that to fascism, the ideology of anti-communist good people (usually). I’m sure that there have been many fascists who were good people. For example, depending on how you define “fascism” (I loosely define it as “right-wing, non-egalitarian socialism under a dictator or military junta”), Augusto Pinochet and Antonio Salazar were apparently nice men. Ditto Somoza. Mussolini was probably nice, but arrogant.

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