1 February, 2022

The Left Makes Life Miserable for Everybody Else

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(Note: Curt Schilling is a White, conservative baseball player).

Almost as soon as a leftist is born, he starts making everything political. Food, pets, the weather, cars, sports — everything under the sun becomes political to a leftist. That sucks for everyone who isn’t a leftist.

Why do leftists make everything political? Good question. They’re like Jews: they enjoy complaining and bullying people. “Oh, my god! That woman is wearing a fur coat! How dare she! We can’t allow that!!” they wail — never mind that the woman got the coat as a wedding gift 10 years ago and she had no involvement in the deaths of the minks who became part of the coat.

Leftists (and Jews) are human mosquitos.

“Curt Schilling says conservative views to blame for missing Baseball HOF (Hall of Fame)”


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