2 February, 2022

The Mestizo Menace

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by Dr. William Pierce.

(Trivia: I knew a young Mexican fellow named Joey [an American]. He and a few of his White buddies drove down to Mexico one day to surf. This was circa 1980. About 40 miles into Mexico, a pick-up truck full of mestizos forced their car off the road. They were robbed at gunpoint and slapped/kicked around. The only thing that likely saved their lives was the fact that Joey was a Mexican and he spoke fluent Spanish. He managed to sweet-talk the robbers into letting him and his buddies leave after 20 minutes of physical abuse and threats. This is a very common occurrence in Mexico. Often, the robbers are policemen).

“Actually, the students from Salisbury State University were very
fortunate: they were robbed only twice, beaten a couple of times, and
forced to pay one bribe. The week after their ordeal — that is, just
two weeks ago, Carol Schlossberg, an American woman who was an art
instructor at Yale on vacation at the Mexican resort of Puerto
Escondido, was grabbed by two Mexicans while walking on a nearby beach,
raped repeatedly, and then drowned for sport. Her naked body was found
on the beach by other American tourists. The Mexican police say they
know who did it, but so far no one has been arrested. A suspicion has
been expressed that the police are waiting to see who will offer them
the larger bribe: the killers, or those who want the killers arrested.”


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