1 February, 2022

Whoops. Whoopi Says the Unsayable

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(Above: the Jew who set the “official” Holocaust-deaths number, Dr. Jacob Robinson [1889-1977]. He decided that “6 million” number via “extrapolation” — in other words, the well-educated Dr. Robinson just guessed the number) [1].

Quoting Whoopi Goldberg, re: the Holocaust: “This is White people doing it to White people…”

When did Jews become “White,” Whoopi? Last time I checked, Jews were half-Arab genetic freaks due to centuries of inbreeding.

Regardless, there’s one thing in this world that you’re not “allowed” to question. Just one thing.

In other words, you can question wars, you can question politics, and you can question whether zebras are black horses with white stripes or white horses with black stripes. But you aren’t “allowed” to question any part of The Official Holocaust Narrative. For example, if you say “no, I don’t think 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, I think only 5 million, 999,000 did,” well, that’s “Holocaust denial/minimization” and that could get you tossed into prison in 27 “democratic” countries, thanks to Jewish political power, which is the most powerful force on planet Earth.

Concerning The Holocaust (trademarked/patent applied for), it’s interesting to consider that Jews themselves set the “official” number of “6 million” Jewish deaths and the “official” Holocaust narrative. That’s right. Not governments. Not health officials. Not the UN. Jews set that number and the official narrative! Given the fact that Jews have a horrible reputation for lying, cheating and swindling, it’s really hard to accept the “6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazis” story. Indeed, the Polish government revised the “official” death number downward by 2.5 million in 1990 but nonetheless the “6 million Jews” number…wait for it…wait for it…here it comes…remained the same! That’s known as “Jewish math”: the number is always “6 million” no matter what! By the way, the Jews have a funny obsession with the number “6 million” and they’ve used it many times [2].


[1] Born in Russia, Robinson was a judge, diplomat and historian. He spent his entire life working solely for Jewish causes. Not for Russian or American causes, but only for Jewish causes. According to Nahum Goldman, former President of the World Jewish Congress, “During the war the WJC (World Jewish Congress) had created an Institute of Jewish Affairs in New York (its headquarters are now in London). The directors were two great Lithuanian Jewish jurists, Jacob and Nehemiah Robinson. Thanks to them, the Institute worked out two completely revolutionary ideas: the Nuremberg tribunal and German reparations.” (Goldman, Nahum; The Jewish Paradox, Grosset & Dunlap, 1978, p. 122).

[2] the Jews have “a thing” for the number “6 million” and they have used that number dozens of times throughout history (236 times, to be exact). Apparently, they think nobody will notice that habit and they’re basically right: very few people have noticed it.

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    1. Luke Says:

      There is an interesting angle on this Whoopi event that is not being noticed, and it should be noticed and repeated far and wide.

      It’s a fairly well accepted understanding that most blacks are too dumb to realize that jews are not genuinely White Europeans; they are a separate and distinct race and Israel even has a DNA test they use to determine who has jewish DNA and use this to determine who has a right of return to their stolen piece of sand in the Middle East.

      So, essentially – blacks, like Whoopi, just see lighter skinned jews as being Whites. But, over the last century, jews here in America have tried to pretend that they are ‘White’ whenever they think being ‘White’ is to their advantage, and this was certainly true up to about the early 1990s.

      Since then, as the percentage of the US population has begun to racially shift rather dramatically – thanks to the jews White race replacement agenda visi vi, open borders and massive third world non-white immigration – the jews have ramped up their anti-White hate and are now brazenly demanding that Whites have no right to resist being reduced to a hated and despised minority inside their own nation. Hence, pretending to be White is rapidly losing it’s advantages and so, jews are changing their strategy. They sense Whites are on the way out, and now they want to be seen as jewish and take full advantage of all the perks that go along with being a minority. And, exempt themselves from being caught up and excluded by all the anti-White discriminatory laws and policies that they were responsible for putting into place.

      By kicking up such a fuss about Whoopi referring to them as ‘White’, jews could be using her to help cement their desire to be seen only as jews. Whoopi is probably in on this scam and simply parroting whatever the jews told her to say.

      And, then there is the poor Jared Taylor’s dilemma. This Whoopi affair might force him to stop claiming that ‘jews look White to me’ whenever he is asked about the jewish problem, or else he might find himself in even hotter water with the Tribe than he’s already been in the past.