13 March, 2022

A Good Point, or, When Hate Is Acceptable

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Most of the time, “hate” is called “ugly” and “evil” by the media. But once in a while, Big Jew gives America permission to hate. Permission! This is one such time — in fact, America’s Jewish-dominated media is leading this hate campaign!

Muslims have attacked America not just once but many times (e.g., recall the Pan Am Flight 103 attack [the airplane bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, in which most of the dead were Americans]; recall the first bombing of NYC’s World Trade Center in 1993; recall 9/11; recall the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009; recall the San Bernardino, California shootings in 2015). Is America boycotting and shunning Muslims? No! In fact, doing so would be called “hate” by the mainstream media.

Russia has never attacked America. Is America boycotting and shunning Russia? Yes! Severely! Why Russia, but not Muslims?

“Russians are now the people it’s OK to hate. After Muslims attacked this country, the media denounced even a whisper of criticism.”


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