9 March, 2022

Article About Pinochet

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As you read this, note the vicious nature of the Salvador Allende faction. Vicious Marxists! The Allende faction was prepared to kill many people in Chile. But luckily, the Sept. 11, 1973 coup happened first, and Allende was removed from power. As I noted earlier, Allende had illegally created a “secret communist army” inside Chile which was preparing to install Allende as a permanent dictator, similar to Fidel Castro in Cuba. The coup, led by Pinochet, ended that idea.

Also note: many of the names in the Allende faction are Jewish, including Allende himself, whose mother was a Jewess from Belgium named Laura Gossens Uribe, who was a convert to Catholicism. As you know, under Jewish religious law, if your mother is a Jew, then so are you. There were quite a few Jews in Allende’s administration, including Jacques Chonchol, minister of agriculture, Frida Modak, Allende’s media chief, Oscar Waiss Band, director of “La Nacion” newspaper and Benjamin Teplisky, president of Allende’s Unidad Popular Party.


“He (Pinochet) recognized the Communist program well, observing: “One of the most well-known and traditional tactics of Marxism is to stop the improvement of a people’s welfare by any means…and promote from the beginning any destructive distribution of capital, facing away from economic reality, until growing poverty is brought about, even chaos, if possible, arising from uncontrolled inflation and leading eventually to the annihilation of private economic activities.” (Saaay, that sounds very familiar! It sounds like…America today! Out-of-control inflation, endless chaos, supply-line troubles…wait…you don’t suppose??….naaah, that would be a “crazy conspiracy theory”…).


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