18 March, 2022

Computer Models: the Latest Way to Fool the Rubes

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Health “experts” in the UK used computer models to forecast Covid-19 cases, i.e., a fancy computer was “guessing” at how many Covid cases would appear [1].

“Experts” also use computer models to forecast “climate change”/”global warming” rates. Computer models are frequently wrong, and, they can be tweaked any number of ways to deliver certain results (“tweak it a little more, Frank. The public isn’t scared enough yet”). (This UK situation was curious: why would the UK government want to predict more Covid cases?? You’d think it would want to predict less Covid cases — unless the UK government “experts” wanted to panic the public and get more funding! Is that what they wanted to do? I’ll bet it was. In fact, one Covid expert has already admitted that: Covid was deliberately over-hyped to the public, for several reasons, including financial reasons).

News headline: “British health adviser speaks out on pressure he faced for criticizing ‘implausible’ COVID models”

News quote: “Fearing that the “implausible” projection would damage the experts’ credibility, Woodhouse recalled that he “quickly posted what was intended to be a reassuring comment through the Science Media Centre saying it was highly unlikely that the UK would see so many reported cases per day by mid-October.” But his input “did not go down well.”



[1] Epidemiological computer models were used to predict the number of Covid, mad cow disease, bird flu and swine flu cases. The predictions were all wrong, by a long mile. But the rubes will still believe the “official” bullshit, again and again.

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