9 March, 2022

Germany and America

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Let’s begin with the case of Gary Lauck. Mr. Lauck is a native of
Lincoln, Nebraska. For years he published materials characterized by the
Jewish media here as “neo-Nazi,” and he shipped these materials to
friends in Germany, who distributed them to the German public through
“underground” channels, much to the annoyance of the German government,
which does not permit Germans to read such materials. In fact, the
German government complained long and loud about Lauck, and the Clinton
government in Washington apologized and said that, unfortunately, there
was nothing it could do to punish Lauck or stop his publishing activity,
since, unfortunately, the U.S. Constitution permits American citizens to
do that sort of thing. Well, actually there was something the Clinton
government could do to stop Lauck, and that’s what it did. In 1995, when
Lauck was visiting friends in Denmark, Mr. Clinton’s government, which
keeps track of the coming and going of U.S. citizens, tipped off the
secret police in Germany, the Verfassungschutz, that Lauck was in
Denmark. The Verfassungschutz asked the Danish government, which since
the Second World War has not been much better than the German
government, to arrest Lauck and extradite him to Germany. And that’s
what happened. The German government then put Lauck in prison for four years.”


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