2 March, 2022

Moral AIDS

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“You know, I’m not a social scientist, and I have neither the time nor
the resources to do an academic study of the correlation between various
changes we can see in our society and in the behavior of our people —
but I’m sure that there is, in fact, a strong correlation among three
things: first, the increased isolation and shielding of our young men
from the natural world; second, the lack of manliness; the lack of
self-confidence, maturity, and responsibility; the lack of strength,
daring, and independence in young men today; and third, the willingness
to accept every sort of perverse, unnatural, and destructive behavior as
“normal.” It’s as if an excessively sheltered life-style leads first to
an atrophy of manly virtue and moral strength, the way lack of exercise
leads to muscular atrophy, and then it leads to a shutdown of the normal
powers of discrimination, almost in the way HIV causes a shutdown of the
human immune system. One might almost say that while AIDS is gaining
ground rapidly in the Black population, the moral equivalent of AIDS is
ravaging the White population.”


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