2 March, 2022

Oh, How Obvious: Every Western Country Takes Sides Against Russia

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The West today is nothing if not monolithic: every White country has fallen into line! They’ve got their marching orders: “blacklist and punish Russia for invading Ukraine.”

The Jewish powerbrokers hate and fear Russia, for both historic and current reasons. So the Jews have aligned approximately 25 Western countries against Russia within maybe 5 days. That’s power, man. Of course, “Western” countries are no longer “Western.” Jews control the White Western countries now, and the Jews are not White (they are half-Arab mongrels who actually hate White people) [1].

In plain English: world Jewry has pounced on Russia like a cat, ordering the Western world to punish Russia with outrageous sanctions even though Russia was forced to invade Ukraine due to Ukraine’s greasy behavior. Adding to the problem are female politicians. Many women occupy high political offices today, and it’s easy for the Jews to paint Putin as a brutal aggressor. Women hate brutal aggressors. “Oh, that evil Putin!” So it’s a two-fold problem.

Regardless, there’s a new Cold War now, between the West and Russia, same as before (1947-1991). All because the Jews want it. (How ironic that a Jew, Bernard Baruch, coined the term “Cold War” in 1947. Is everything in the world Jewish? Seems that way. The 20th century was called “The Jewish century” by the way, because Jews caused nearly every major event of the 20th century: they created the Soviet Union, WWI, labor unions, WWII, the Vietnam War, Hollywood, central banking, feminism — you name it, the Jews created it. How? Three traits in particular: high verbal IQs, aggressiveness and racial cohesion/nepotism. Indeed, Jews could sell sand to Arabs; they could convince the Pope that God doesn’t exist; ever met a pushy used-car salesman? “Come on, this baby’s a cream-puff! She only has 500 miles on her! Let’s seal the deal! Sign here!” That’s every Jew on earth! That’s every Jew in history).

What if White people controlled the West instead of yids?

“The Western bloc banned most transactions with the Russian central bank — along with Russia’s finance ministry and foreign investment fund — blocking Putin from funds he stowed away for years to cushion the blow of sanctions. The sanctions also cut off Russian access to the U.S. dollar, the linchpin of the global financial system, as its value climbs amid global tumult.”



[1] Jews are not White, even though they appear White; Jews are part of the Near Eastern genetic clustering, along with Arabs: “The evidence is conclusive. Jews are part of an identifiable genetic clustering. This clustering is part of the Near Eastern genetic clustering. The Near Eastern genetic clustering is part of the Non-European Caucasians clustering. Jews are not white.” — from the article “Are Jews White?” by Robert E. Reis, 2008

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