3 March, 2022

Oh, This is Rich!

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Covid-19: a political disease that quickly disappeared when the leftists began running for office in early 2022! (it was the leftists who pushed the Covid mandates). Indeed, when the leftists reached the political filing deadline (i.e., early March), the disease vanished! *poof!* Imagine that! What are the odds?? It’s almost like somebody planned it that way!

(Is it unusual for a disease to be political? No. It has happened before: AIDS was a very political disease that was directed against President Ronald Reagan. In fact, the Jews who ran the homosexual movement in the 1980s [e.g., Larry Kramer, Arnie Kantrowitz] had a cute little chant accusing Reagan of not trying to stop AIDS: “History will recall, Reagan did the least of all!” But AIDS wasn’t Reagan’s fault in any way and the queers knew it very well. Had they kept their zippers up, they wouldn’t have dropped like flies from AIDS. But asking a queer to keep his meat in his pants is like asking a fish not to swim. A queer can’t go 3 hours without screwing someone or something).

“Democrats publicly claim the science has changed, while privately acknowledging the politics have.”


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