27 March, 2022

TV Commercials: It Must Be Just a Cohencidence

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Before Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Black people were seen in 50% of TV commercials.

After Trump was elected, Black people were seen in 95% of TV commercials [1]. They still are.

Must be just a Cohencidence.

(Consider this: Blacks make up only 12% of the U.S. population! It’s almost like…well…like certain people…want you to see more Blacks than you would normally see…but who? Who would want that?…what? “People who are in charge of TV advertising”? Okay. Fair enough. That stands to reason. But who specifically?? What?? “People named Goldberg, Silverberg and Weinstein”?? What exactly are you suggesting???…).


[1] Even Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden once commented on that matter: in Summer 2021, Biden mentioned the large number of “mixed-race couples” in TV commercials, and he said “that’s not by accident.” Yes. There’s an old saying that “nothing on TV is an accident.” If the judge or the cop is Black, it’s because somebody wanted that character to be Black. If the armed robber is White, ditto. If the army soldier is female, ditto.

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