17 March, 2022

White Privilege: It Matters Not, Even If True

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Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that “White privilege” exists in America, like the leftists claim. (But I’ve met plenty of poor White people in America. Explain that?).

Even if “White privilege” were real, it wouldn’t matter in the least. The West is a White region (e.g., America, Canada, England, France, Germany, etc.). If Whites had “privilege” in the West, then it would be natural, just like if Blacks had privilege in Africa (e.g., the Congo or Niger). (Currently, Blacks have privilege in lots of places in America. If you doubt that, try walking down a street on the south side of Chicago at 1:00 AM, leftist White boy! Ditto Atlanta. Ditto Baltimore. If you weren’t Black, you would be toast within minutes).

“Toward the end of the video, workmen are seen constructing what turns out to be a high-speed moving sidewalk along the innermost lane of the oval track. A white male is then seen being whisked along on the moving sidewalk, effortlessly passing the other runners to take the lead; this represents connection, privilege, wealth, and old boy network…


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