19 April, 2022

The Evil Might Return!

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Leftist #1: “In January 2021, we banished The Evil from Twitter. Permanently!” [1].

Leftist #2: “Yes! Orange Man Bad was a threat to our democracy! He was spreading fascism and hate on social media!”

Leftist #3: “But…but now, with Elon Musk poised to buy…(*sob*)(*sniff*)…Twitter…”

Leftist #4: “The Evil might return!! He…he…might come back to Twitter!!” (*sob*)(*sniff*)

Leftist #5: “Orange Man Bad is a threat to our democracy!!” (*choke*)(*sob*)

Leftist #6: “Free speech is racism! Free speech is hate and it’s a threat to our democracy!” (*sob*)(*sniff*).

“Hours after Musk made his offer to buy Twitter, he repeated the idea for open sourcing Twitter’s algorithms during an on-stage appearance at the TED conference in Vancouver. He also said it should be made clearer to users when any actions are taken by Twitter that impact what you tweet — such as decisions to amplify or de-emphasize tweets.”



[1] incredibly, Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter was permanent. Contrast that to notorious people who weren’t even banned. And the ban happened while Trump was still president! Consider the Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen: he has more than 350,000 Twitter followers. See the article “Trump banned from Twitter while Taliban has not been” by Craig Timberg and Cristiano Lima, August 18, 2021, [Here].

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