26 April, 2022

Which Way, White Man? Free Speech or Not?

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We White men should thank God that Elon Musk bought Twitter. We’ll get a lot of our free speech back.

But Twitter is only one social media platform. What about the rest of social media, which is largely in Jewish hands (just like the mainstream media)?

Regardless, free speech is arguably the most important and valuable thing in the Western world. Without free speech, you can’t accomplish anything. You can’t learn. You can’t grow. You can’t communicate.

Isn’t it ironic how the Judeo-Left was really big on free speech circa 1964, on the college campuses, but now the J-Left leads the movement to silence free speech? A great example is “Holocaust denial.” There’s an old woman (named Ursula Haverbeck) sitting in prison right now in Germany because she expressed doubts about the “official narrative” of the “Holocaust” [1]. And she should express doubts. The Holocaust narrative was “set” by Jews (and not by any government), who are the biggest liars in world history [2]. Old saying: “how can you tell if a Jew is lying? His lips are moving!” [3].



[1] Haverbeck is serving 1 year in prison for “denying that Jews were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.” First of all, why would that be a crime? Opinions are like elbows: everybody has them. Actually, Jews weren’t “systematically murdered” but were accidentally murdered when the “allies” bombed all the German supply lines (roads, bridges, railway lines), thereby guaranteeing that even the German camp guards would starve. Nice going, “allies” (aka “All Lies”). Piles of bodies? You created them.

[2] the magical “6 million dead Jews” number was arrived at via “extrapolation” in 1945 by a Jewish judge and diplomat named Dr. Jacob Robinson (1889-1977). Interestingly, the number “6 million” has a special significance for the Jews, since they have used it many times throughout history (236 times, to be exact). For example: “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.” — Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the New York Times, June 11, 1900 (this was 40 years before “The Holocaust”).

[3] Bonus Holocaust joke: “Where do you send Jewish kids with Attention Deficit Disorder? To a concentration camp!” (rimshot).

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