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2 November, 2017

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(Above: Blood and Soil campaign, Germany, 1937) Nazi Germany: “Blood and soil!” American founders: “Blood and soil!” (more or less) [1]. Snowflake #1: “I’m going to cry!” (*sob*) Snowflake #2: “Me, too!” (*sob*) “Greatest Generation” fool #1: “Holy Jeebus, grandpa fought for the Nazis after all!” (*sob*) “Greatest Generation” fool #2: “Suddenly, I want to […]

27 May, 2016

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Citizen: “I thought we were an All-American city”? City Official: “We are! We have Chinese citizens, Vietnamese citizens, Lebanese citizens, Congolese citizens and every other “-ese” citizen that you can imagine! We have gays, transvestites, transgenders, transspecies, necrophilics, bestialphilics, wannabe serial killers, communists, socialists, anarchists, heroin addicts, acid-heads, belly-button lint collectors, people who worship liverwurst, […]

12 July, 2015

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If you’re going to do something, like ban “racist” flags, then don’t do it half-way. Let’s ban the U.S. flag, too. Every school, every courthouse, every fire department, and every navy ship should be required to remove their U.S. flags. Let’s see how the conned-servatives, the patriotards and the “Greatest Generation” veterans react to that! […]