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26 September, 2007

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Just Got On Npr And Nailed Norman Podhoretz! – (Audio here) Powered by ScribeFire.

7 June, 2007

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You got to see this Alex — Philip Weiss on jews He spilled the beans like no Jew since Benjamin Freedman!

15 April, 2007

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Dear Gail, Response to your article at: I agree with you very much and I am not saying this in jest. Pornography degrades women and destroys the family structure. We got a whole generation of young men who don’t leave their bedroom because they got porn and Nintendo. It’s like an electrical “short to […]

11 March, 2007

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By Andrei Kievsky Gay Porn at Wal-Mart; Borat the Movie promoted as “family entertainment” I rented “Borat” last Friday and got through about 20 minutes of it before turning it off in disgust. The funniest part was the preview where you hit “enter” on the DVD control to start the movie. It had a parody […]

30 August, 2006

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By Andrei Kievsky I see that many New Hampshire politicians have bowed out of this event, after our little gathering was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith as a quote unquote “extremist event.”