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12 September, 2009

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Oy veh – Traficant’s mowin’ a little too close to the hedges here. A few more inches and he could be in Linder territory! [Article].

27 July, 2009

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Jerusalem – Anti-Semitism was behind the highly publicized arrests last week of rabbis, including three from the Aleppo-Syrian Jewish community in New York and New Jersey, according to Yitzhak Kakun, editor-in-chief of the Shas weekly Yom Le’Yom. “There is a feeling here that the FBI purposely attempted to arrest as many rabbis as possible at […]

1 July, 2009

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“Let me have sex with ur puppy just once” The city’s first Hasidic cop was excoriated in a anti-Semitic rant by a dog-loving subway passenger who allegedly refused to place her sick pet in an animal carrier, sources and a witness said yesterday. Brooklyn blogger Chrissie Brodigan claimed Officer Joel Witriol went ballistic when he […]

7 June, 2009

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Seen: a good movie called “Captain Blood” (1935), starring Errol Flynn. (If you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out). That film brought to mind a Flynn quote about Jews: “I do wish we could bring Hitler over here to teach these Isaacs a thing or two. The bastards have absolutely no […]

24 May, 2009

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by Tom Sunic. “Someday the word ‘anti-Semite’ will be studied as an example of distorted political discourse — as a signifier attached to somebody who advocates the reign of demonology. How does one dare critically talk about the extraordinary influence the Jews in the West without running the risk of social opprobrium? We certainly cannot […]

20 May, 2009

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Gadzooks. If hitting a Jew is like hitting God, then banning a Jew is like banning God. Oy veh! [Article].

13 May, 2009

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Orwellian thought-crime laws will put Dr. Toben behind bars unless he successfully appeals his jail sentence: [Article].

7 April, 2009

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“Jews: the Essence and Character of a People” (San Francisco, CA.; HarperSanFrancisco, 1998) by Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg and Aron Hirt-Manheimer, 294 pages. This book is basically an overview of the Jewish people, going all the way back to Abraham. It focuses on Jewish identity and attitudes, and contains some interesting information, e.g., about the explorer […]

31 March, 2009

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Don’t think that a Hasidic kike should be in the sheriff’s dept? YOU HATE-CRIMINAL! Let’s talk about something….something ugly, something vile, something evil, something ruining the poor misunderstood non-white races…that something is…. HATE! Join me and guests as we spew antisemitism from deep within our hateful lungs! Eye For Knowledge will start at 7:30pm est, […]

28 March, 2009

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Well, as a matter of fact… (note: this seems to be a year old): [Article].