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18 April, 2014

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14 April, 2014

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(Above: Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, Occupied West Bank, where Baruch Goldstein committed a mass shooting in 1994) When a Jew named Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians with a rifle at a mosque in Hebron, Israel in 1994, he killed historic racial enemies of the Jews. Even though the Israeli government officially denounced the crime, actions […]

16 March, 2014

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If you read about a “hate crime” in the newspaper, the chances are very good that it was faked by a Jew, a Black or a queer. [Article] and [Article].

2 March, 2014

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Ooooo, sounds scary if you’re a Jew. But here’s the vital detail: the Jews have re-defined “anti-Semitism” to include political criticism of Israel. So, “anti-Semitism” is often just legitimate political disagreement. Of course, the Jews have a long history of pathologizing normal gentile behavior. [Article].

10 January, 2014

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Trying to score points with the big, Jewish studio bosses, are we? But thank God Mr. Disney knew about the Jews – knew that they were a race of swindlers and con-artists who roamed the earth getting kicked out of every country they entered until they managed to get their own country, Israel, through deceit […]

1 December, 2013

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Whites ruled South Africa until 1994; many Whites have fled S.A., taking their money and their skills with them. Some of these Jews you may have heard of (e.g., Joe Slovo, Ruth First), but some maybe you haven’t heard of. Regardless, in almost every country where there are both Whites and Blacks, Jews led the […]

19 August, 2013

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Ha-ha! As if Jews give a crap about democracy. Israel isn’t a democrazy. It has a parliament (called the Knesset) that is roughly 91% Jewish and 9% Arab, but that’s not the same thing as being a democrazy, and the Jews know it [1]. Israel goes to great lengths to try to fool people into […]

5 June, 2013

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Jews get nervous when White people rebel against their Jew World Order [1]. The Whites rebelled once and the Jews want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. [Article]. [1] the JWO includes leftism, non-White immigration, feminism, internationalism, global government, and hate-crime laws

31 May, 2013

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It’s interesting that the singer would say that, since America has been very, very good to the Jews. In fact, you could say that America “saved the Jews.” America allowed millions of Jewish refugees to come here. Jews (many of them communists) fled Imperial Russia and came here. Then later, more Jews (again, many of […]

7 April, 2013

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If you re-define the meaning of ‘anti-Semitism,’ you can find an increase in anti-Semitism [1]. (By the way, Arabs are Semites, so “anti-Semitism” should include them as victims). [Article]. [1] “Anti-Semitism” has recently been re-defined by the Jews to include political anti-Israel attitudes, i.e., those which aren’t based on religion or race. Simply opposing Zionist […]