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5 February, 2013

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Jew #1: “I’ll tolerate the destruction of the West!” Jew #2: “Me, too – I wouldn’t think of trying to stop the death of White culture!” Jew #3: “I’m the very model of tolerating Western destruction!” [Article].

19 November, 2012

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The Jews were kicked out of Spain in 1492, just like they were kicked out of many other countries. Now the Jews want tougher laws against telling the truth about them, e.g., how Soviet Jews nearly sacked Spain in the late 1930s. [Article]. A top Soviet Jew, named Antonov-Ovseenko, in Spain, 1936: [Here].

24 October, 2012

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Don’t worry. All the Jews are trying to do is “fix the world” since gentiles screwed it up/didn’t manage it right, according to Judaism. It’s not like the world is in danger or anything…what??…”remember the Comintern?” Oh, yeah. Never mind, then. Anyway, about OSCE. First, there was the League of Nations, but it didn’t do […]

22 October, 2012

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Isn’t it funny how working to preserve White culture is “controversial”? Whites gave the world to mankind, yet who ever says “thanks, White people”? [Article].

14 October, 2012

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(From September, but I had not seen this until now). Which came first? A) “Anti-Semitism” by Whites against Jews, or B) Jewish racism against the world? If you chose A, go back three spaces. In fact, since “anti-semitism” isn’t an action but a reaction, Europe should be proud of its anti-Jew history. [Article].

1 October, 2012

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Jimmy the Jew says: “Back in 1999, when White, American baseball player John Rocker was punished for racism, the baseball commissioner was a Jew, Bud Selig. Now, as White, British soccer player John Terry is being punished for racism, the soccer league chairman is also a Jew, David Bernstein. Of course, anyone who notices that […]

8 September, 2012

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All of the White countries work hard to please Israel. [Article]. and [Article].

1 March, 2012

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Anti-Jewish feelings are a threat to civilization? I thought Jews were a threat to civilization. (Jews aren’t Western, they’re hybrid freaks [genetically speaking] who don’t fit in anywhere, so it’s hard to imagine how anti-Jewish feelings could be a problem). [Article].

12 December, 2011

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by Hilaire Belloc. (A Catholic writer, Belloc [1870-1953] has been accused of anti-Semitism, but he really wasn’t an anti-Semite). [Article].

28 July, 2011

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(Above: Hans Günther) How Jewed is the field of anthropology? Roughly half of American anthropologists now believe that race is a meaningless social construct invented by White males to oppress colored people; and only a tiny fraction of anthropologists know that Jews are more than just a religion – but they’re careful not to mention […]