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20 June, 2011

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(No doubt, this will piss some people off, but there’s nothing wrong with looking under the hood of White Nationalism once in a while and seeing what’s underneath. In fact, the “anti-Semitic” movement was led mostly by northerners [e.g., Henry Ford, Robert Edward Edmondson, Gerald L. K. Smith, Father Charles Coughlin, George Lincoln Rockwell, Revilo […]

27 May, 2011

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But don’t get the idea that a disproportionate number of international powerplayers are Jews, because that would be anti-Sem…Sem…Semantics. [Article]. More about Lipsky [Here].

17 May, 2011

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Oy, veh, anti-Semitism is increasing! Just 4 years ago, the Jewish boss of IMF’s sister organization, the World Bank, faced a scandal and resigned. Now this. When, oh, when will evil gentiles stop plotting against God’s Chosen People? (By the way, the Jewish communist Harry Dexter White was the main architect of the IMF and […]

17 January, 2011

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What on earth is an “Italian Jew”? There’s no such thing. There are “Jews who happen to live in Italy.” But there are no “Italian Jews.” That’s like saying that someone’s a “Swedish Chinaman.” He’s either one, or the other. Not both. To put it another way, wherever Jews go in the world, they are […]

29 November, 2010

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Jewish activist/toilet paper mogul Sol Weinbergwitz says: “It isn’t much of a leap to go from ‘I don’t buy the official 9/11 story’ to ‘Israel was involved with 9/11.’ That’s really what some of them think.” (Yep, that’s what some of them think. Why is that?). [Article].

23 November, 2010

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Jew: “Auntie Semitism, I love you, because you’re always there when I need you.” Auntie Semitism: “I’ll always be here for you, sweetheart. After all, you created me!” [1]. [Article]. [1] hat tip to VNN commenter Sgt. Skull

3 October, 2010

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America is supposed to be the one place where people enjoy genuine free speech – unlike most other countries. If that’s true, why do people get fired for talking about Jews? [Article].

14 April, 2010

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Great news: after being Jewed twice during the 20th century, Hungary gets anti-Jews into the parliament: [Article].

9 April, 2010

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Hear that? It’s the sound of freedom spreading. Jews don’t like freedom. It always leads to anti-Cementism: [Article] and [Article].

26 March, 2010

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No permit to carry a concealed handgun? Oy veh! You know what this could lead to? Freedom. And you know what that could lead to? Anti-Cementism: [Article].