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10 July, 2016

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Anti-Termitism: it must be rejected by all people, we are told. It is a dark, ugly stain on humanity, we are told. [Article].

11 January, 2010

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Jews: not allowing Israel to dictate American foreign policy, or even talking about that topic = Jew-hate: [Article].

13 October, 2009

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Any gentile who criticizes Jews is a carpet-chewing wacko. There’s no other possible explanation – ask God (oops, G_d): [Article at VNN Forum].

9 July, 2009

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Gentile: “I’m getting fed up with the endless wars being waged against Israel’s enemies!” Jew: “You’re an anti-Semite.” Gentile: “Nope. I don’t hate Arabs. I hate Jews. I’m an anti-Termite.” [1]: [Article]. [1] thanks to VNN commenter Jon