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31 October, 2013

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…White people stop apologizing to non-Whites [1]. Why do White people care about what non-Whites think? Who gives a crap?! [VNN Forum]. [1] newbies, this includes Jews, who are not genetically White despite having White skin

22 October, 2009

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They always do. They always say “sorry” to Jews and other non-Whites. But what if, one day, White men didn’t apologize? What if, one day, White men said “why should we apologize for telling the truth?” That’s when things will start to change: [Article].

17 October, 2009

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By the way, a funny Jewish joke here: [Article].

12 January, 2009

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It’s hard to believe: in just half a century, Whites have gone from ruling the world to apologizing to muds at every turn: [Article].