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6 March, 2010

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Trivia: many of the Young Turks involved in the Armenian Genocide were actually Jews, e.g., Young Turks founder Emmanuel Carasso, and Nissim Masliyah/Mazliyah. (Further, the infamous Jew, Alexander Helphand, an important figure in the Bolshevik revolution, was an associate of Carasso’s): [Article]. More about Jews/the Armenian Genocide: [Here].

18 October, 2007

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The Ottoman Empire (i.e., Turkey) had been significantly “Jewed” by 1915, the year that the Armenian genocide began. In fact, some Jews were actually members of the Ottoman government. There was also Emmanuel Carasso, the Jewish founder of the “Young Turks,” the group responsible for the Armenian genocide [1][2][3][4][5]: [Article]. [1] Jewish members of the […]