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20 July, 2018

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Many years later, a White professional baseball player is being forced to “atone” for past Orwellian thought-crimes, the First Amendment be damned. (It’s funny how Blacks can make racist comments about Whites and not get into any trouble). If you remember, another White professional baseball player, John Rocker, was also forced to undergo “sensitivity training” […]

14 April, 2013

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Major League Baseball will soon be more Black than it is now [1]. The Jewish push for racial diversity in America continues. Meanwhile, the Jews are doing the opposite for their country: they’re making Israel less diverse and more Jewish [2]. [Article]. [1] What odd timing, huh? The movie “42,” about Black baseball player Jackie […]

1 October, 2012

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Jimmy the Jew says: “Back in 1999, when White, American baseball player John Rocker was punished for racism, the baseball commissioner was a Jew, Bud Selig. Now, as White, British soccer player John Terry is being punished for racism, the soccer league chairman is also a Jew, David Bernstein. Of course, anyone who notices that […]

14 April, 2007

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Sports is politics by other means. By Alex Linder The past few years have seen Major League Baseball (MLB) attempt to turn the first black MLB player into a saint, nay, god. It’s another example of judeo-communism, American style. Jackie Robinson Day (April 15) is baseball’s MLK day – the day on which baseball does […]