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9 April, 2021

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Remember court-packing? It’s baaaaack! I’ve always been fascinated by how, when liberals don’t get their way, they try to remake the entire government. Sore losers! They also want to end the filibuster in the Senate, and end the electoral college. President Roosevelt tried to “pack” the Supreme Court with more judges in 1936, but he […]

30 March, 2021

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Want to open, or re-open, a business? The government says that you’ve got to get “the jab” first. Just wait 6 months and that mandate will expand even further to include nearly everybody in America. In 1 year, it will include everybody in America. (One reporter admitted that the “Covid-19 passport” program was designed to […]

19 March, 2021

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But wait! Not so fast. All those laws that Joe Biden signed: are they really laws? Senile people usually cannot sign legal documents — i.e., the documents are not legally binding. News quote: “78-year-old Joe Biden fell several times while boarding Air Force One on Friday.” [Article].

19 February, 2021

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That was quick. One month! Gee, I don’t recall voting for her for president. Of course, all of the laws/mandates that Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden has signed since January 20 are now very, very suspect…maybe someone should look into that matter… [Article].

6 February, 2021

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Joe Biden: “What’s an intelligent briefcase”? An aide, whispering into Biden’s ear: “Don’t worry about that, sir. Just look into the camera and say, “Trump should not get any more intelligence briefings because he’s a fascist!” Biden: “Oh, okay! (loudly):’Trump shouldn’t wear briefs to the beach anymore because he has no fashion!!’…..You know, I like […]

21 January, 2021

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Liberals discovered years ago that “climate-change” mandates are a great way to punish White people. Punish them for what? For being successful. After all, what is leftism but a war on White Western culture? Using climate-change laws, the liberals can force White people to do all sorts of things, e.g., force them to buy electric […]

14 January, 2021

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Joe Biden: “And if I’m elected mayor of Cleveland, er, uh, Phoenix, I’ll be a one-trick pony soldier! What? I was elected president of the United States?? Really? I don’t remember that. Well, then, I’ll be a two-trick pony hamster! Giddy-up! What was that? China? Oh, don’t you worry about the little chinks, those guys […]

13 January, 2021

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Seen on the web: someone saying that the 25th Amendment could be used to remove…Joe Biden from office! Yes. How ironic.

7 January, 2021

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Recall what Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said: “the public will be shocked” over what happens after Christmas. And Giuliani is a credible guy. Team Trump couldn’t make any big moves before January 6 because they had no clear mandate. But now that January 6 has come and gone, and the Dems have stolen the 2020 […]

1 January, 2021

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America currently has 100 Senators (52 Republicans, 46 Democrats, 2 Independents). But only 1 of those Senators (Josh Hawley, R-Missouri) has come forward to publicly support Donald Trump re: the election theft and the challenging of Joe Biden’s fake electors on Jan. 6. Just 1 Senator! In other words, 99 of the Senators are okay […]