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25 November, 2021

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Not long ago, I read an article that suggested that negroes are of a different species than Whites. When you read the article, it makes some very interesting points [1][2]. This guy Bassou was, I think, a “missing link” and was further evidence that negroes are a more-primitive mammal than Whites. We’re talking “different species” […]

1 September, 2021

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One medical study from North Carolina in 2012 revealed that Blacks are 3 times more likely to have pes planus (flat feet) than Whites. But frankly, I think the percentage is actually much higher than that: flat feet in Blacks is more common than that, i.e. closer to 10 times more likely than in Whites. […]

15 May, 2021

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It has long been alleged by cops that Black criminals lose consciousness faster than White criminals when they are put in a controlling choke-hold by a cop. In fact, it is said by cops that more Black criminals die from choke-holds than White criminals due to racial factors. Is that true? Yes. For several reasons: […]

14 May, 2021

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It has been claimed — from the early 1900s-onward — that the first humans came from Africa (i.e., the “out of Africa” theory), from Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania [1]. So, the theory goes, all humans are ultimately Africans. But is that true? We must doubt it. For one thing, ever since the Jew, Franz Boas […]

5 June, 2020

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Red blood cells carry oxygen [1]. Blacks apparently carry less oxygen with their red blood cells. “We studied 47 black and 63 white subjects drawn from hospital employees…The red blood cells of blacks were also smaller than those of whites. This difference could not be explained by disordered Hb synthesis. These observations confirm that Hb […]

29 August, 2019

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“Uh-oh, some humans are different from other humans. That can’t be! This man must be publicly shamed!” [Article]. (This 2015 study shows that Hispanics do, in fact, have slightly smaller hands than Whites: “Firefighter Hand Anthropometry and Structural Glove Sizing: A New Perspective”; the study also shows that Blacks have longer hands and fingers than […]

18 June, 2017

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A small collection of information here. Is “nig-funk” real or just an imaginary smell smelt only by evil neo-Nazis? Yes, it’s real. Blacks produce more sweat when they sweat, leading to more odor by default. “Hurley and Shelley (1960) compared thirty ‘Negro’ and thirty ‘White’ adult male subjects after local epinephrine and emotional stimulation, and […]