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21 March, 2015

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All humans are equal, and racism is always wrong, we are told. But apparently, it’s okay for Blacks and Browns to discriminate against Whites on a public university campus in a democratic, Western country (in this case, Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada). Let’s hope that the White students file lawsuits against the university in order […]

29 January, 2015

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“Earlier this week, Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele said farm killings were not racially motivated.” Suuure. All the farmers were White, but the killings weren’t racially motivated. How ironic that, by killing Whites, the Blacks are hurting themselves, too, because Whites add stability and money to South Africa (e.g., taxes). Who is responsible for the […]

9 January, 2014

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Seen: a TV documentary about the late reggae singer Bob Marley (above). I learned from that program that Marley caught all kinds of grief from Blacks in Jamaica because he was of mixed race (his father was White, his mother was Black). How shocking! Because listening to the media and Hollywood, you’d conclude that only […]