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31 August, 2014

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There are many problems with the reparations idea: #1: not all Whites owned slaves. Only about 1 in 5 American households owned slaves (depending on location); #2: Slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks. They are now “civilized” (to a degree, at least). Ask a Black man if he’d like to go […]

31 July, 2014

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Another White country is committing cultural suicide. Trivia: I asked an anthropologist this question: “If race doesn’t exist, or doesn’t matter, how do you explain Africa, an entire continent that is regressing? Since White colonialism ended circa 1980, Africa has nearly collapsed. Why is that?”[1]. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer my question. Of course, the […]

16 June, 2013

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Hmmm, when I read this article, I didn’t see “Black incompetence” listed as a reason for Africa’s tiny share of the global air-travel market – maybe they forgot to mention it? European countries have banned African planes from landing at their airports. (In March 2006, the EU banned dozens of African airlines from landing in […]

1 March, 2013

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Well, not exactly, but almost. Back in the 1970s, there was something called “home rule” in Washington, DC. Under home rule, Blacks managed that city without interference from outsiders, such as federal officials. But (surprise!) the Blacks bungled the job so badly that the federal government had to step in and take control of the […]

28 February, 2012

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Here’s some proof that the global “anti-racism” movement is bogus. It’s not about ending racism. It’s about ending White culture. By the way, newbies, White South Africa was destroyed not by Blacks but by Jews. [Article].

31 August, 2011

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Someday, ape cops will patrol the streets of your fine city…wait a second…they already do! (That White lady can thank Jews like Joe Slovo for her ordeal). [Article].

1 August, 2011

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(Above: African leader Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe) “More caviar, sir?” “Shall I get the limo, sir?” People actually say these things to Blacks today! That wouldn’t be happening if the African countries were still run by Whites under colonialism. Black dictators didn’t even exist until rather recently [1]. In fact, negro rule is a truly […]

29 May, 2010

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Some countries have warned their citizens about going to South Africa for the World Cup, now that S.A. is run by negroes and given the criminal nature of same: [Article].

9 April, 2010

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Maybe the Jews could un-Jew it and turn it back into Rhodesia: [Article].

4 April, 2010

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This crime happened just after a Black leader suggested that Boers/Whites be killed: [Article].