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13 December, 2007

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Why does feminism exist in Western society? Sure, our Jewed media culture promotes it as “legitimate,” but the sad fact is that White men allow feminism to exist within their personal relationships. For example, “career women” are indeed feminists – especially the ones who married well and therefore don’t need to work outside of the […]

4 December, 2007

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His book “pays tribute to the racial theorists of the Third Reich”? That isn’t good news for the Jews: [Article].

25 November, 2007

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Lots of “mainstream” Americans will read it, which is good. Note the mention of neoconservatism: [Article].

25 November, 2007

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A book by Dr. Edward A. Ross (New York: The Century Co., 1914). Ross was a well-known sociologist. His comments about Jews are interesting. Ross also manages to give the Jews praise – perhaps he was an optimist, or a Christian, or perhaps he feared Jewish power. His comments about Jews can be found by […]

19 November, 2007

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It still hasn’t been published in English, which is rather odd given Solzhenitsyn’s fame, but which also isn’t surprising, since most Western publishing houses are either owned or run by Jews [1]: [Article]. [1] more about the 1905 Russian revolution, which is mentioned by Braun (note especially the bottom of page 313 and the top […]

1 November, 2007

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A new book by Jon Entine: [Article]. Note: the late Dr. William L. Pierce referred to the Jews as a “hybrid” race (the result of inbreeding). More about Jews and their racial or genetic features: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

23 August, 2007

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Will this book be sold in Israel? Or only in Europe? [Article]

12 May, 2007

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Pictured here: 1992 Russian language imprint, adapting Eliphas Levi’s portrayal of Baphomet image By Patrick Grimm So you believe the Jewish media pap that goes something like this: “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a forgery and a fraud. Anyone who believes in their validity is an irrational, hateful and insane anti-Semite.” […]

3 April, 2007

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Extraordinarily harsh, personal attacks on Rosie O’Donnell for some straight talk about the curious inconsistencies of the 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory. If what O’Donnell said were as ridiculous as the O’Reillys claim, they’d laugh at her or ignore her. Instead they shriek brittlely, call for her to be fired, and funnel their dolts to the […]

24 February, 2007

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[Stated flat out: only JEWS can be victims of World War Two.] German Book Redefines ‘Victimhood,’ Problematically Nonfiction Jack Fischel | Fri. Feb 23, 2007 The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 By Jörg Friedrich Columbia University Press, 552 pages, $34.95. In the aftermath of World War II, Germany attempted to come to terms with […]