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8 February, 2022

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Guess what? When you are “nice” to bums, that attracts more bums. Pretty soon, there are bums everywhere: on the sidewalk, in doorways, on your lawn. But then, California liberals aren’t known for their common sense. Trivia: in the good old days (when men were men and women were sex objects), there were vagrancy laws. […]

28 July, 2021

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Circa 1950, “the “homeless” were called “bums” or sometimes “hobos.” The police used to arrest them for vagrancy (i.e., for sleeping in parks, parking lots, on sidewalks, etc.). All cities had vagrancy laws. Today they don’t — or if they do, they don’t enforce them. Then suddenly about 1980 the liberal media began to call […]

4 May, 2021

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Sanity may be slowly returning to America! Just kidding. America is now insane. Anyway, Austin, the liberal “college city” in Texas, has banned “public camping.” (Did you know that, up until circa 1975, the police could arrest people for vagrancy? For example, sleeping or even sitting in a parking lot or a doorway. The cops […]