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25 August, 2021

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by E. Michael Jones. (This is interesting, I suppose, but I don’t grasp why Jones wastes so many words on something so simple. Is it an intellectual thing? A Catholic thing? What? [Jones is a Ph.D. and a Catholic]) [1]. “But that is only half the story. By making Jews white, Taylor simultaneously makes whites […]

3 November, 2020

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Globalism is being pushed onto the White countries (e.g., the EU) much more vigorously than onto the non-White countries. Why? Two reasons: 1) People in the non-White countries are more resistant to globalism, because they have a better sense of family, culture and community, whereas in the White countries people have lost their sense of […]

16 December, 2009

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Found this in the course of researching for analysts of any race, religion or species through history advising, pondering or even merely getting near the conclusion that jews ought to be exterminated, en masse (ie, all of them underground and inspiring the skunk cabbages). This proves that, contrary to the claims of the Catholic church’s […]

24 February, 2009

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Jewish pressure forced him out. But wait: once in England, will he face arrest on Hollowcost-denial charges, like Dr. Toben did? [Article].

21 January, 2009

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From the Catholic magazine “The Point,” 1953. Yes, it’s true that when you mention Freemasons, people look at you funny. But nonetheless, this is posted as more-or-less a continuation of the discussion of Freemasonry found in the “Comments” section. Trivia: almost all of the top people involved in the horrible French Revolution were Freemasons, e.g., […]

9 December, 2007

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God wants you to join the party, he told us so! We go live at 9PM EST Ever wonder why so many people world wide believe in such fantastic tales of magic and mysticism when it comes to their religion, BUT they avoid much more obvious truths that stare them in the face so plainly? […]

2 June, 2007

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E. Michael Jones on Roman Catholic Radio, speaking about his speech at the Sam Francis memorial. He takes pains to distinguish his Catholic position from our racialist. Still doesn’t address the substance of our argument, though, which is that jews are a leeeeetle bit more than people who reject Christ.…samfrancis.mp3

28 March, 2007

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Post from lefty blog Orcinus on Gibson, his father, Catholicism, Donohue, ignoble tapirmen.