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9 March, 2021

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In late February 2021, the UN warned the world that “White supremacy is a ‘transnational threat’” [1]. No. The UN had it seriously wrong. The UN itself is a threat to every White nation on earth. All countries have natural sovereignty and the UN seeks to end that sovereignty by acting as a global parliament, […]

6 December, 2020

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They call feminism “the destroyer” for good reason. Feminism, as we know it today at least, emerged in force in the Western world circa 1972 (remember the infamous Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs tennis match in 1973?) [1]. Maternal bonding (i.e., mother/child bonding during the first year or so after childbirth) is “essential” for normal infant […]

20 November, 2020

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As soon as Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden “won” (stole) the election, Covid-19 hysteria vanished. But, now that it’s looking like Biden may not have won the election after all, Covid restrictions have come roaring back! Curious, huh? And of course, all the new Covid restrictions are in states run by leftists (Colorado, California, New […]