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15 September, 2014

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The U.S. “Civil War” was bad. Reconstruction (1863-1877) was just as bad. Here’s a quote from a Wikipedia article about infamous gunfighter John Wesley Hardin: […] “Hardin wrote in his autobiography that he then rode to get help for the wounded ex-slave (who died three days later) and that his father did not believe he […]

11 July, 2014

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Washington and Lee University was named after Robert E. Lee, the confederate general, so confederate flags are appropriate anywhere on that campus. But no, we must please the Blacks. We must care about what Blacks think about our flags. We must re-arrange our culture and our country to satisfy them. [Article].

7 April, 2013

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by ThePatriotNurse. I don’t know this woman, but she makes a few interesting points, e.g., the Korean shopkeepers in L.A. (Please recall that I also mentioned America’s pop culture as being the only culture we have, as opposed to, say, Sweden or Britain, which have genuine cultures passed down from generation to generation). [Video].

12 November, 2012

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I doubt it. Too many White men lack the balls for any type of revolt. They’d rather watch TV and eat donuts. But there are some interesting reader comments among the 300+ shown below the article: [Article].

3 November, 2012

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It has to increase. War might become unfashionable and racism might return – that wouldn’t be good for the New World Order. Even though Abe Lincoln is loved by both conservatives and liberals (how scary is that?), in reality he was a war-mongering scoundrel who killed his own people when he didn’t have to. By […]

16 July, 2011

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During and after the American “Civil War,” carpetbaggers went into the South and bought up land for pennies-on-the-dollar from desperate Southerners. Many of the carpetbaggers were Jews [1]. Now, big-city financial speculators – many of them Jews – are carpetbagging. How things remain the same! [Article]. [1] Quoting General Grant: “So well satisfied have I […]

10 April, 2011

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(above: good men lie dead because Abe Lincoln was an asshole. He knew very well that the southern states weren’t violating the Constitution, or any law, by seceding. No union can be “perpetual,” regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White) Like World War II, the “Civil War” is constantly recalled […]

12 November, 2009

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The puncturing of the Abe Lincoln Myth can go some way towards increasing White nationalism in America. Finally seeing the “Civil War” as what it was (unconstitutional, immoral and dysgenic) is an attitude-changer: [VNN Forum thread].

29 June, 2009

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The Jews are the “rightful owners or heirs” of/to the property? Let’s take a quick look at history: Step 1 – Jews gain control of White property in Europe via their usual sneaky, underhanded ways (e.g., usury, inflationary banking practices, economy-wrecking, war) [1]. Step 2 – Jews lose the property to the Germans during World […]

17 February, 2009

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A man who waged war on his own people when he didn’t have to (Lincoln) and a man who dragged America into World War II (F. D. Roosevelt) were our best presidents? If so, then it’s hard to imagine our worst presidents. Of course, Lincoln and FDR had lots of special help with their war-waging. […]