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3 February, 2022

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How ironic can you get: America, the land of the free, saved the Soviet Union (the communist mothership) in November 1933 with two things that the Soviets desperately needed: political “legitimacy” and money. President F.D. Roosevelt supplied both at once. He “recognized” the Soviet Union as legitimate, which opened up the Soviets to international credit, […]

4 September, 2021

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The, ahem, “Biden administration” is probably the most Jewish administration America has ever had. True, the Clinton administration was also full of Jews (which of course produced disastrous results: that gang of heebs waged war on [White] Serbia, via NATO, under false pretenses, and, via liberal trade rules, it “grew” China into a global powerhouse […]

10 August, 2021

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“The Naked Communist” (1958/updated 1972); an overview of Marxism, by Willard Cleon Skousen (1913-2006. He was first a Mormon missionary, then a lawyer, then an FBI agent, back when agents were honest and wholesome circa the 1950s). Communism/Marxism: never has such a shitty, deadly thing been so loved by so many assholes (I would call […]

2 December, 2020

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(An alternate version of a prior post) Here are the four Jews who wrecked the White Western world from circa 1840-onward via their poisonous political ideologies (i.e., communism and socialism). This is not conjecture, this is historical fact. (Note: “socialism” here does not refer to National Socialism, which is a different ideology). Above: Karl Marx […]

29 November, 2020

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(A re-post, from April 2020): A famous Jewess, the “philosopher” Hannah Arendt, said that a feature of Adolf Hitler’s Germany was “the banality of evil,” meaning mass murder was committed by average, mundane people like the Nazi official Adolf Eichmann [1]. But she pointed her finger in the wrong direction. Eichmann was a choirboy compared […]

25 November, 2020

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2 October, 2020

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Gee, why would the Soviets want to do that? A top communist figure in America, the Jew, Alexander Bittelman, writes as follows, concerning Blacks and communism in America (note: the Comintern was a global, Soviet, communist party entity; note also that the Soviet Union was Jewish-created in 1917): “Once more came the ‘outside’ influence of […]

7 December, 2019

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America poked Japan with a stick for 4 years because it dared to sign the 1936/1937 Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany and Italy (America could have signed it as well, but of course we didn’t, because that would have been logical) [1]. But that wasn’t enough for America. We began strangling Japan, so to speak, preventing […]

4 February, 2019

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Before the Era Of Donald Trump, nearly everything in the West was “going global” (e.g., all of Europe was taking orders from the EU bosses in faraway Brussels). Trump pushed some of those things from the “global control” category back into the “local control” category (for example, by pursuing the border wall, by rejecting global […]

5 August, 2018

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(Above: Spain, with the capital, Madrid, in center) “Public events supporting the Franco regime were outlawed in 2007″… Yeah, that figures. It’s common for leftists to censor and re-write history. In the late 1930s, General Francisco Franco saved Spain from being communized by the Soviets, most of whom were Jews. (If Spain had been communized, […]