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12 June, 2012

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Back when America was a White, male republic (instead of a multicultural, Judaized, feminized, equalocracy), it was difficult to divorce. Your spouse had to prove that you were no longer fit to be married to (e.g., you were a physical abuser, an alcoholic, etc.). But today, with “no-fault” divorce laws, all she needs to do […]

22 May, 2012

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Giant (1956, starring Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor). White people are bad, because they’re racists. But not all White people are bad. Northeastern White people who ignore racial differences are good people. However, the best White people of all are the ones who help Brown people fight against “White racism.” That’s the central […]

14 May, 2012

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer (above) says: “Okay, so you have to destroy countries in order to make the people equal. Isn’t it worth it?” (By the way, newbies, “gender” only applies to grammar). [Article].

14 May, 2012

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SAHD? Yeah, it’s sad, alright [1]. [Article]. [1] SAHD = Stay-At-Home Dad

22 April, 2012

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(Click here for larger image)

17 April, 2012

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Not that a Mitt Romney presidency would mean anything. We’d still be fighting endless wars in the Middle East, and we’d still have Jewish control of the media, Cultural Marxism, illegal immigration, and unnecessary debt and inflation. But it’s nice to see that traditional women are still around, unapologetic. [Article].

1 April, 2012

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A drunken feminist in a bar: “Ok, ok…I’ll admit it (*hic*). The NWO isn’t about racial or sexual equality (*hic*). It’s about…it’s about…ending White male rule of the West. Out with the White guys, in with the (*hic*) women, muds and fags. But…don’t tell anyone I (*hic*) told you that…” [Article].

19 March, 2012

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Does your White country have “racism police”? If not, just wait a few years. (By the way, it isn’t surprising that a young negro would suffer a heart attack. Blacks are usually less healthy than Whites, due to genetic factors). [Article].

5 March, 2012

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What makes them think that democrazy works? In fact, it was tried in ancient Greece and then abandoned for centuries after it became apparent that people are not one-size-fits-all. Indeed, allowing any idiot (in America’s case, any idiot with money) to become mayor or governor is a stupid idea, and allowing negroes to vote is […]

16 February, 2012

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Homosexuals just gained legal rights in Washington state, Hawaii and Delaware, and now maybe in Colorado as well. Soon, all humans will be equal, except for White males, who will be less-than-equal (they’re already less-than-equal in big cities, where non-Whites, fags and women run things. Contrast that to the 1950s, when White men ran almost […]