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19 August, 2021

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“Thirty years ago, jazz had not yet entered polite society. It was a new form of music born in the back rooms of Negro saloons in the slums of New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis and Chicago. The original jazz players were all Negroes and were natural born musicians. The orchestras were small. They were comprised […]

8 April, 2021

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A new version of “Onward Christian Soldiers” by American journalist Donald Day (1942). [Book; a .PDF file].

15 October, 2016

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Is there any country that the Jews didn’t rape? Alex Linder, Donald Day and others comment on the rape of Latvia by communist Jews circa 1940/1941. “It was the Jews who participated in the introduction of the Red Terror against the very Latvians who had given them refuge and shelter from countries which had vomited […]

27 November, 2014

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“Onward Christian Soldiers” (Newport Beach, California; The Noontide Press, 1981) by former Chicago Tribune journalist Donald Day. [a .PDF file]. Day’s career in Russia/Eastern Europe was ended at the request of a Jew (i.e., the Soviet ambassador Maxim Litvinov, real name Wallach-Finkelstein).

10 March, 2010

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“I also feel that in fighting the Jewish-Bolshevik regime of Russia that Germany is performing a service for Western civilization which will be properly appreciated and recognized in the future. Of course there are unpleasant features of Germany’s war for survival. I only need to mention Mr. Himler (sic). But when somebody mentions this I […]

1 January, 2010

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“During the world war one of my sisters became a nurse in the great King’s County Hospital in New York City. One of her assignments there was to care for a ward of one hundred beds which contained old people on the verge of death. The average number of deaths was six each day. My […]

31 December, 2008

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(Why Palestine seemed so attractive to the self-chosen): “The Jews made tremendous efforts to expedite their exodus from Europe. Every available avenue was exploited. Every country was approached by Jews secretly and by Christians openly. In 1933 James G. MacDonald, American professor appointed by the League of Nations as High Commissioner for refugees coming from […]

5 December, 2008

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Adolf “launched” WWII? When did that happen? Britain stupidly declared war, with a lame excuse about defending a country that everyone in Europe hated, i.e., Poland [1]: [Article]. [1] Poland mentioned as a hated country: See journalist Donald Day’s book “Onward Christian Soldiers,” p. 63. Day called Poland a “miserable country” which was “unable to […]

21 February, 2007

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By VNN Staff February 2007 Onward Christian Soldiers: 1920-1942: Propaganda, Censorship and One Man’s Struggle to Herald the Truth (Torrance, CA.; The Noontide Press, 1982, 203 pages, softcover) The American journalist Donald Day (1896-1966) is an interesting and important figure for White nationalists to study. He was a “mainstream” news reporter who had years of […]