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4 April, 2022

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“Pound recognized two very important threats to the international banking community that arose out of the Third Reich. First, Hitler abandoned the gold standard, meaning that Nazi Germany suddenly had the power to prevent defaulting on its future debt simply by printing money — a power that the U.S. copied from Germany just as it […]

29 November, 2011

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International Jew #1: “Breivik must be declared insane. If not, his response to the wrecking of Norway via multiculturalism could appear to be sort of normal.” International Jew #2: “Yes, let’s give Breivik the Ezra Pound treatment! After all, nobody pays attention to the beliefs of crack-pots.” [Article].

27 May, 2010

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The government should’ve given Pound a medal and jailed the Jewish Roosevelt Gang: [Article].

11 February, 2009

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Good heavens – a Quisling honored with a coin. Guess the bank isn’t Jewish-run. Note the mention of “psychiatric observation.” Ezra Pound was also held in a psychiatric facility – was that just a coincidence, or did the pro-Soviet “allies” want to make support of the Nazi cause seem “insane”? [Article].

10 February, 2009

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Too bad Ezra Pound isn’t alive to see this: the U.S. banking industry wants more cash. Thankfully for the bankers, there are billions – no, trillions – of gentile tax dollars available for another bailout: [Article].

2 November, 2008

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The late poet Pound gave pro-Axis, anti-Jewish radio speeches from Italy during WWII. Not long afterward, he was awarded the Bollingen Prize by the U.S. Library of Congress, a decision that resulted in the L.O.C. no longer awarding any prizes, thanks to Jewish senator Jacob Javits: [Here].

28 March, 2008

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The poet Ezra Pound was an advocate of Social Credit, by the way [1]. This online book makes some good points about wealth, money and credit, e.g., having wealth and having money is not the same thing. It allows the reader to think about Western money systems in an outside-of-the-box manner. Social Credit is based […]