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24 January, 2016

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Isn’t it funny how, in “post-racial” multicultural America, there’s lots of racism (against Whites)? [Article].

3 August, 2013

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Jew: “Some people say that Americans are losing their right to free speech. But that’s silly. Blacks, Mexicans, women and queers can say anything they want to say!” [Article].

29 September, 2012

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by Alex Linder. […] “Historically blacks were ignored as QB candidates because of the race’s mental defects. Blacks are dumb. Blacks have poor judgment. Blacks lack impulse control. Blacks lack self control. The same qualities that lead them to failure in wider society lead them to failure at QB. Too dumb to read defenses, ie […]

6 May, 2007

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By J.B. Cash (5/2/07) There are two events each year that highlight the anti-white bias of the football establishment in America: college signing day and the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft was held last weekend and white players were treated the same way they have been treated for decades – poorly. In honor of those […]