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19 January, 2009

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “January 20th, 2009 is going to be a historic day! I’m so excited. The world’s most powerful country will be ruled by a mulatto. That’s quite a milestone, and we Jews can take the credit for it, because we vigorously pushed the idea that all humans are equal. Marx, […]

10 November, 2007

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Gadzooks. If that happens, diversity activists may have to get real jobs, and affirmative action programs may vanish. Science + the internet = a shaky future for the West’s Jewish-built egalitarian movement [1]: [Article]. [1] the idea that the human races are equal was pioneered by Jews, e.g., Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, the Frankfurt School […]

17 October, 2007

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It is controversial to reject the idea of racial equality, since that idea is now firmly cemented in all areas of Western society. And where did the idea of racial equality come from? It came from Jews such as Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu and the Frankfurt School teachers. In fact, Montagu was the key man […]