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28 January, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Article].

16 December, 2008

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“Winkler,” huh? [1]. Paul Fromm has been fined $40,000 for trying to defend White people: [Article]. [1] the surname “Winkler” is mentioned in the top box [Here]

19 November, 2008

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Cuban-style conversation monitoring at a major university [1]: [Article]. [1] the roots of Cultural Marxism are, of course, Jewish, i.e., Karl Marx, Georg Lukacs, Max Horkheimer and the Frankfurt School group, etc.

31 October, 2008

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The Klan fliers are legal, but police are investigating anyway: [Article].

26 October, 2008

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Of course, Canada has been Jewed, just like America and Britain. The father of Canada’s “hate propaganda” law was a Jewish attorney/professor named Maxwell Cohen. Canada’s government adopted many of the Cohen Committee‘s suggestions in 1970, putting them into Criminal Code of Canada Sections 318-320. Another Jew, Milton L. Klein, was the first person to […]

18 October, 2008

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[received via email from lawyer Bruce Leichty] NO REMEDY FOR JAILED BRITISH “HERETICS” Los Angeles, California–(10/16/2008)–Two jailed writers who were convicted in Britain of Internet hate speech on a U.S.-based website will be forced to remain in special asylum proceedings with no right to a bail hearing, a Los Angeles Immigration Court judge ruled October […]

5 October, 2008

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“Free speech includes the right to be wrong.” That’s an interesting observation. It could be used by WNs and historical revisionists to defend themselves, i.e., even if they’re wrong about something (which they aren’t), it doesn’t matter [1]: [Article]. [1] This is also interesting: UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: “Everyone has the […]

19 July, 2008

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If only the court would declare that the practicing of Judaism in the military amounts to anti-gentile bigotry which is not protected by the First Amendment since that Amendment should only apply to Whites… [Article].

16 July, 2008

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The men have fled to the United States and are apparently seeking political asylum: [Article].

24 April, 2008

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by Harmony Grant: [Here].