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3 August, 2013

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Jew: “Some people say that Americans are losing their right to free speech. But that’s silly. Blacks, Mexicans, women and queers can say anything they want to say!” [Article].

25 July, 2013

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In France, right-wing “extremist” groups are banned. Meanwhile, left-wing extremist groups, such as the communist PCF, are not banned. [Article].

2 March, 2013

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People always say “we have free speech in this country.” Really? We do? Is that why every time a White man says something un-P.C., he’s punished? Where’s the “free speech”? (What they mean is, “non-Whites and women have free speech”). [Article].

28 October, 2012

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We have free speech in America? Ha! We have the illusion of free speech. Just try to poke fun at any person in a minority class (Black, Brown, Jew, queer) and see what happens. (Of course, anyone can say anything about White, heterosexual males). It’s worth pointing out to newbies that political correctness began in […]

22 June, 2012

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[…] “A couple of caveats: with Section 13 gone, the Canadian Criminal Code itself continues to provide for up to two years in jail for “spreading hate against identifiable groups” (with the exception of identifiable German, Palestinian and Christian groups who can be hated to the full measure of Zionist fury without fear of prosecution).” […]

25 March, 2012

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Good to hear. [Here].

30 April, 2011

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(Granted, this Stolz post is a little late, but better late than never). Stolz said things that the Jews didn’t like, so she served over 3 years in prison. What if the West was controlled by White people instead of Jews? [Article]. More about Stolz [Here].

25 March, 2011

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Jew: “Oh, my G_d. That sounds like freedom of association. Do you know what that really means? It means Nazism and bigotry!” Liberal: “We must do something quickly, before fascism breaks out!” [Article].

25 March, 2011

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Why are police investigating signs at a public university? If the signs were anti-White, do you think the police would be investigating them? [Article].

26 January, 2011

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Good for him. Let’s hope his attitude spreads. But wait: his situation gets more interesting [Here]: [Article].