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24 June, 2021

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by Roger Pearson. (Genetics is everything. That’s why ancient Rome died and why America is dying: a lack of good genetics. In fact, race-mixing should be a crime in the Western world, and it would be except that our “leaders” are corrupt idiots who wouldn’t dare do the right thing). “What causes the fall of […]

26 July, 2016

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Wow! A heavily-non-White city is having trouble running things related to the Democratic convention. Gee! Who’da thunkit?? [1]. [Article]. . [1] a majority-non-White city, Philadelphia is 44% Black and 12% “other” non-White races. This is largely due to “White flight” from 1950 onward, i.e., Whites not wanting to live amongst Black hoodlums so the Whites […]

13 September, 2015

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Breast-feeding a baby is now “normal” in the U.S. Army. Maybe they should rename Fort Bliss “Fort Breast.” [Article].

30 August, 2015

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(Above: the old U.S. Coast Guard: all White, all male) Seen a few days ago: a recruiting advertisement for the U.S. Coast Guard. There were four coast guardsmen in the ad: two standing in front and two standing behind them. The two guardsmen in the forefront of the ad were: one Black male and one […]

19 August, 2015

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Saaay, maybe VNN should hire a tranny – it would be a first for the WN movement…we’d be groundbreakers in diversity…in fact, we could even increase the diversity by hiring not just a tranny, but a Black, midget tranny who is deaf and who doesn’t speak/read English. That’s diversity times 5! (times 6 if he’s […]

21 February, 2015

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Look at this, found in the list of “LGBTQ” terms: “gender fluid” (it means that your gender “fluctuates.” How can a person’s sex fluctuate? By the way, the correct term is “sex,” not “gender,” which only applies to grammar, not to human biology). [Article]. More LGBTQ fun [Here].

11 February, 2015

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“Low-income people who qualify for the subsidies…have received the greatest benefit from the law…” Of course they’ve received the greatest benefit. That’s what Obamacare is all about: poor Blacks and Browns “win,” while well-to-do Whites “lose” via paying higher taxes and higher insurance premiums. In other words, Whitey is paying for Obamacare, which was a […]

25 October, 2014

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A good article, but “suicide” isn’t the correct word. More like “genocide” (i.e., White genocide committed by Jews, and to a lesser extent, by leftists and globalists)[1]. [Article]. [1] granted, Jews built the political Left in America

21 August, 2014

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Then: Nicolas Poussin: Now: Cy Twombly:

22 June, 2014

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In Houston, men can now use women’s bathrooms, thanks to a new law. This is trouble waiting to happen. Expect lots of arrests, and lawsuits. [Article].