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29 December, 2008

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America always has two foreign policy options available. Isolationism, which prevents conflicts and wars, or globalism/interventionism, which causes conflicts and wars. Guess which option America chooses every time, and guess why? International, global, cosmopolitan – those words all mean the same thing: “fundamentally Jewish” [1]: [Article]. [1] Marxism, the UN, UNESCO, free trade – almost […]

27 August, 2008

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Notice the mention of “Georgian ‘democracy.’” That’s a good topic to raise since Georgia’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili, wasn’t so much “elected” as he was “installed” by the Rose Revolution, one of several U.S.-sponsored “color revolutions” in that region: [Article].

14 August, 2008

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Notice the mention of Jewish billionaire George Soros: [Article].

3 February, 2007

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As said on last FTL, the White race is being gang-raped in America – daily. We are allowed no identity in the jew-controlled MSM. Without an idenitity, we can assert no interests. Without an identity, jews and niggers can feed on us at will. Anybody who tells you there is anything complex or difficult to […]