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18 December, 2015

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(Note: “government” here refers to federal, state and local governments but refers mostly to federal government) If you are a White person living in a White, Western country, you have a “contract” of sorts with the government. You register for the military draft and fight wars for the government if needed. You pay taxes. You […]

28 September, 2013

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“Global warming fever” allows governments to regulate/restrict/ban certain activities of White people. Like Marxism, global warming fever is an international “secular religion” that’s very intolerant of skeptics. [Article] and [Article].

8 February, 2013

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Here’s one way: require gun owners to carry mandatory firearms insurance which they really can’t afford. No insurance, no guns. (It isn’t too much different from mandatory auto insurance, which is another “tax” on blue-collar White people. I say “blue-collar” people because they can least afford mandatory monthly fees. Those who argue in favor of […]