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17 October, 2011

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Is this movement just a pressure-release valve, perhaps, in order to satisfy the current public anger at Wall Street, so that the anger won’t build into “anti-Semitism” against the Jews who run America’s financial sector? Regardless, if Jewish speculation and financial trickery are going to be stopped, Wall Street and related entities must be banned […]

16 August, 2011

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“The customer can have any color he likes, as long as it’s black.” — Henry Ford, talking about his Model T car. “The citizen can have any news he likes, as long as it’s Jewed.” — VNN.

14 July, 2011

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I had not read the Toynbee quote about Jews/Marxism until now. Very interesting. (Of course, Henry Ford’s book also points out that communism came from Jews, i.e., that it was built upon the Jewish kahal. Anyway, it’s simply more proof that they spawned the most evil ideology in history). [Article].

20 June, 2011

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(No doubt, this will piss some people off, but there’s nothing wrong with looking under the hood of White Nationalism once in a while and seeing what’s underneath. In fact, the “anti-Semitic” movement was led mostly by northerners [e.g., Henry Ford, Robert Edward Edmondson, Gerald L. K. Smith, Father Charles Coughlin, George Lincoln Rockwell, Revilo […]

30 May, 2011

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“They (international Jews) start wars by propaganda which set one people against another. They profit before war by making munitions; during war, by loans; afterward, in a free-for-all grab.” — automaker Henry Ford, quoted in the New York World newspaper, February 17, 1921. More quotes from Henry Ford about Jews/war: [Here].

13 December, 2010

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Right? No? Better not say that to a rabbi. The stock market is said to be “good for the economy” because, for example, businesses can start-up and grow much faster via publicly-traded stock than they could otherwise. But who cares? Why is that a good thing? How fast does the economy need to grow, anyway? […]