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17 February, 2020

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Jew: “Yes, we Jews nearly wrecked Germany in the 1920s via communism and socialism, and yes, we later declared financial and political war on Germany in 1933, and yes, we created WWII which totally destroyed Germany, and yes, we lied about Hitler ‘gassing’ us in order to get Israel, and yes, we still make Germany […]

3 April, 2007

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From the University of Chicago student paper, the Maroon. Censoring Holocaust denial is hypocritical By Alec Brandon Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 One of my favorite rumors to emerge out of this summer’s World Cup had very little to do with soccer. The talk was that if Iran advanced past the opening round, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad […]

3 January, 2007

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20 minute Address to the Teheran Conference December 12, 2006 by Lady Michèle Renouf, London, U.K. on the Psychology of “Holocaustianity”

25 December, 2006

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We hope you’re eating good food with good people! Another year come and gone, let’s be proud that we are sticking up for the truth and defending our race against hostile predatory aliens. Into 2007 we go, “doing right and fearing no man.” Here’s a story about the jews at the NY Sun being afraid […]

12 December, 2006

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Faurisson et Renouf. More photos here.

12 December, 2006

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Response sent to Wolf Shitzer: I saw your editorial-thinly-disguised-as-news piece about Iran’s Holocaust conference: Opening with the fact that “Ex Ku Klux Klan leader!!” David Duke was invited (as if that automatically proves that his views and those of the other attendees are a pack of lies); the mirror-perfected raised eyebrows and sneers of the […]