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6 April, 2015

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The Holocaust is an endless cash cow. Germany has been paying Holocaust reparations to the Jews since 1953, with no end in sight. There is so much money to be had that there will be 2nd-, 3rd- and even 4th-generation “Holocaust survivors” cashing in. (The Jews even shook down Switzerland for Holocaust reparations, even though […]

30 March, 2015

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Millions of innocent German civilians were murdered by the “allies” during and after WWII, but you never hear about it because the Jews are busy moaning about their 100,000 mostly-communist relatives who died from disease and/or starvation in the German concentration camps. [Article].

23 February, 2015

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(Above: the Auschwitz camp band. How could a band exist at Auschwitz if its members were constantly being gassed?) A 94-year-old (!) German man has been charged with being a “death camp” guard at Auschwitz. Prosecutors say that “the suspect was an SS sergeant who served as a medic in Auschwitz in an SS hospital.” […]

12 February, 2015

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(Above: Jewish politician Laurent Fabius) The man, Vincent Reynouard, violated the Jewish-created/communist-created Fabius-Gayssot law [1]. What if White people controlled Europe, instead of Jews? [Article]. [1] the 1990 Fabius-Gayssot law came from a Jew, Laurent Fabius and a communist, Jean-Claude Gayssot

28 January, 2015

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Sol Weinbergwitz, 6-time Holocaust victim: “Then, I was sent to Auschwitz where I was gassed 3 times, and then I was sent to Treblinka and gassed 2 times. I held my breath each time. Then I was shot at Dachau, but I escaped by dodging the bullets, and finally, I made my way to America […]

27 January, 2015

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Let us never forget that, in ancient times, Oswiecim (a.k.a. Auschwitz), Poland was the place where the Jews bought and sold White women as sexual slaves. Yes, let’s remember that. [Article].

20 January, 2015

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In 1990, the Polish government revised the official Holocaust-victims number downward by 2.5 million. Yet strangely, the Jews still say “6 million” of them were murdered. [Article].

15 January, 2015

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The Jews moan about being nearly genocided by the Nazis, yet, they are people who committed genocide many times. In fact, they still believe in genocide, as proven by their nation-wrecking tactics in the Western countries and their treatment of the Palestinians: “The treatment of the peoples displaced by the Israelites following the departure from […]

5 December, 2014

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What a scam. Never mind that today’s French citizens had nothing to do with Hitler or concentration camps. Here’s a good question: when will World Jewry repay Europe for all of the destruction caused by World War II? The Jews fomented that war – indeed, they declared economic “war” on Germany in 1933. They pressured […]

9 November, 2014

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A few days ago, while watching TV, I saw a conservative activist tear a liberal to shreds (verbally speaking) in about 30 seconds. It was very funny. He tossed out names, dates, and facts which he had obviously memorized in great detail. Let us learn from that. Many WNs cannot effectively defend themselves in arguments […]