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19 April, 2016

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Son: “Dad, my history teacher said that America was founded by Native Americans – you know, Indians.” Father: “Well, that depends on what you mean by ‘America.’ The continent of North America – or parts of it at least – was settled by Indians or ‘Native Americans.’ The United States of America, however, was founded […]

4 September, 2015

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(Above: a White man killed by Cheyenne Indians in 1868) A poster at VNN mentioned this book, so I’ll highlight it again. Contrast the book to Hollywood movies such as “Dances With Wolves.” (Not mentioned in this article is how the Indians would often stake a captive White man to the ground, in a spread-Eagle […]

14 August, 2015

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The Jews have changed the definition of anti-Semitism several times. Now, “the delegitimization of Israel” is, they say, anti-Semitism. But wait a second, Ira, Sol and Dov. How is Israel “legitimate” in the first place? Most of the land that makes up Israel was stolen from the Arabs in 1967 (e.g., the West Bank) during […]

24 March, 2015

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The word “Redskins” isn’t any more offensive to Indians than “Whiteskins” would be to White people. In fact, when a football team calls itself “the Redskins,” it is actually honoring the Indians. (Besides, who cares if the Indians are offended by that word? They’re among the least-successful people on Earth. What have they ever accomplished? […]

7 December, 2014

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…had the right to object to immigration? That was rather ironic, because he was actually referring to White people.

2 July, 2014

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It’s a book about Leo Strauss, a well-known, neoconservative Jew who believed that “America should not be White, but a melting pot.” That “melting pot” idea was, of course, started by another Jew, the poet Emma Lazarus. In fact, Jews have led the movement to de-Whiten America with the melting pot lie and other lies. […]

21 August, 2013

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Two 16-year-old boys (James Bacon and William Kelley) were sent out from the ranch they lived on to find some missing horses. They later stopped at another ranch, and at that ranch, some White men had had a feud with some Indians over a card game. The Indians planned to return to the ranch and […]

19 February, 2012

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A good book about Indians-vs.-Whites is “Scalp Dance,” available [Here]. Dr. Pierce talks about “Scalp Dance” [Here].

18 February, 2012

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Seen on TV: a clip from an old movie in which an Indian (a.k.a. “Native American”) accuses White men of “speaking with forked tongues.” (The White man’s promise is no good, according to countless Hollywood movies, while the Indian’s word is rock-solid). Seeing that clip caused me to remember a book that I once owned, […]

2 December, 2007

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About the origins of “Native Americans.” (Of note concerning the American “Indians” is how unsuccessful they’ve been. They’ve given the world almost nothing of value, and were “primitive” people until rather recently) [1][2]: [Article]. [1] more about “Indians”: [Here] [2] features of a “civilized” culture include: the presence of the wheel, a written language, a […]